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AIB: yesterday, today and into the future

For more than 10 years AIB has been used very successfully within many of the world's international banks. Developments in information technology as well as the constantly changing and extending regulatory requirements affect international banks today just as they will in future. A forward-looking solution is therefore required to address the increasing need for:

  • Comprehensive Integration with other bank systems
  • Graphical user interface
  • "E-enabled - integration of internet/intranet
  • Integration of desktop standards (Office 2000 etc.)
  • Use of the latest technologies linking bank and client
  • Integration of future S.W.I.F.T. applications

In planning the future developments of AIB the above requiremts were set as design objectives. Particular importance was given to ensuring uninterrupted day-to-day processing during the transition to our new versions. We ensured this would be achieved through adopting the following principles:

  • Gradual introdoction of new functions and procedures to existing users
  • Protection of long term investment in test routines and data resulting in excellent stability for the new generation of products
  • Continuity in the utilization of proven processes and working routines
  • Continuity in the use of existing database

We therefore formed a long-term strategy of "Evolution, not Revolution" that would allow us to maintain the product's functionality and stability while gradually introducing this major leap forward in technology.

With this approach and step-by-step migration we have been able to develop AIB into a forward-looking application.

AIB stands for...

Stability Today and Compatibility with the Future

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