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AIB Advanced International Banking is a modern modular and integrated system addressing the needs of today's international banks and consistung of the following major components:

  • Foreign payment transfers (clean payments)
  • Processing of import/export cheques
  • Trade finance  

  • Money market and foreign exchange trade transactions
  • Matching of trade confirmations
  • Reconciliation of nostro accounts

AIB is a standalone system that can be easily integrated into other Bank applications by means of parameter-driven interfaces.

AIB is flexible and can be adapted to your bank's changing organisational, operational and technical infrastructure both now and in the future.

AIB has been used successfully by a number of international banks in several countries for many years and has proved to be extremely reliable and stable. With the introduction of its new generation AIB++ and in future AIBvisual banks will have the same comprehensive functionality available as before but now available in a technically advanced environment and capable of working in an internet/intranet environment.

AIB- for International Banks that Think ahead

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