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AIB application modules

AIB Advanced International Banking can be individually configured according to your bank's requirements and needs.

It consists of the following optional application modules:

  • Payment transfers
  • Cheque collection
  • Foreign exchange, money markets
  • Administration of files/documentary management
  • Documentary letters of credit
  • Letter of credit-transmission
  • Transferable letter of credit
  • Reimbursements
  • Documentary collections
  • Guarantees
  • Reconciliation of commercial confirmations
  • Reconciliation of nostro accounts

The following general application functions apply to all the above modules:

  • Parameterised individual system configuration and system control
  • Automated functions that provide the highest levels of automation, and global integration
  • Stringent security controls
  • User support in all processing steps as well as creation of all follow-up functions like cover and advice-messages, providing automated workflow wherever possible
  • Automated processing of incoming customer messages
  • Support in Collection and Enrichment functions via extensive master-data information such as: business partner, currencies, exchange rates, conditions, holiday-calendar, text modules and S.W.I.F.T. BIC-File information
  • Automated processing of incoming customer messages
  • Flexible access to business partner data or BIC-File with the help of alphanumeric keys, codes, account numbers or domicile information
  • Definition of routing instructions and processing standards
  • Calculation of charges with individual conditions
  • Client choice of English, German and French screens and reports
  • Integrated word processing with text-module functions
  • Administration of files with term functions
  • Creation of printouts, receipts and generation of all bookkeeping entries (home/foreign currencies) including liability (guarantee/aval) bookings
  • Flexible processing of interfaces for bookings, master data, receipt delivery and archiving
  • Support of standard S.W.I.F.T. interfaces such as Alliance, SOLID-X, MERVA as well as Clearing systems like RTGSplus/EBA and automated telex/fax and e-mail communication systems
  • Transaction history with selective access
  • In-house generation of customized analysis and management statistics

AIB - for International Banks that Think ahead.

Additional details about the scope of services provided by the AIB application modules are available upon inquiry.

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